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Our integrated technology on the RTSHLempowers users with simple control systems and rapid access to key information. In simplifying the functionality of the RTSHLand equipping it with smart technology, staff can better focus on delivery, service and support. Some of the program functions on the RTSHLinclude:

•Max oven temperature 120 C(248F)
•Fully Alternating Digital Display to indicateoven, and fridge temperatures
•Count Down Timer
•Audible alarms
•Three (3) heating programmable Cycle Touch Pads

Safety & Ergonomics

In the pursuit of engineering excellence, Burlodge recognizes that food safety and equipment functionality are a priority within any institutional application. Our RTSHLdesign aims to simplify cleaning and care while maintaining the highest standards concerning food hygiene. As well, its small footprint minimizes space concerns and eases movement of the unit.

Washing of the RTSHLis especially effortless.By adding S/S wheels and an IP rated plug/receptacle the RTS HL is IPX5 rated. Thedivider wall can be removed completely for more thorough cleaning or maintenance details. As an enhancement to the base unit, a removable clearing shelf can be installed to accommodate a garbage bag holder.


The design of the RTSHLreflects our experience with and understanding of the food service profession. Note the Ready To Serve HL’sunique tray holding design and the divider wall that separates hot and cold sides of the tray without compromising consistent temperature levels throughout. Whether using large style (575mm/22.6 inchx 325mm/12.8 inch) or smaller size (530mm/20.9 inchx 325mm/12.8 inch) flat trays, they slide securely into and out of the divider wall with minimal effort, and can be personalized as required. The RTS HL can also be fitted with tray supports to hold half size trays (325mm/12.8 inch x 265mm/10.4 inch) on each side of the divider wall for a continental breakfast service.


Professional food service depends on excellent logistics, preparation and delivery, and at Burlodge we’ve designed the RTSHLto consistently uphold those standards while handling the daily demands placed upon this equipment.

Keeping hot food hot and cold food cold may seem fundamental, but it’s important to note the quality and consistency of the heat/chill function within RTSHLon the same service tray. Our thermo-convection design ensures the heating(boosting)and sustained holding of hot food by circulating hot air throughout the oven side of the unit. The cold side uses a forced air circulation system so items remain perfectly refrigerated.

Adaptability is also a great feature of the RTSHL. With two doors (standard)that fold back and open, operators have easy access to both sides of the cart as well as both the hot and cold components on the service tray.An optional four door model is available. Any type of dishware can be used, including china, high heat plastics, single use, aluminum or high temperature paper products.

Structurally, the RTSHLis welded inside and out usingAISI 304 orX5CrNi “18-10”stainless steel. The vertical air condenser is hidden and does not protrude into the interior, and condensation is evaporated through air flux. Bumpers around the base of the cart protect the RTSHLand help extend its lifespan.

Hot food hot and cold food cold.

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